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Metal Decking | Keystar Industries

Keystar’s large inventory of metal deck and accessories provides customers with a convenient choice for any construction project. Purchase your roof deck, composite deck, and form deck at Keystar Industries.

Roof Metal Decking

Roof deck types available at Keystar: A deck, B deck, F deck, and N deck, in 1-1/2” to 3” depths and a variety of panel widths, gauges, and finishes.

Installed directly over structural steel, metal roof deck serves as the structural substrate in roof construction and provides a solid work surface for the installation of insulation, weatherproofing, and roofing materials. It can be left exposed for open ceiling designs or manufactured with added acoustical perforations to help meet sound absorption needs.

Composite Metal Decking

Standard composite deck is used to create a steel/concrete composite floor. The rolled-in mechanical embossments–or bumps–in the vertical ribs form a mechanical bond with the concrete slab to develop a composite floor system. Use composite floor deck as both a form during construction and as the positive reinforcing of the concrete slab.

Form Metal Decking

Form deck provides the metal platform that supports concrete slabs for constructing floor systems. Stay-in-place form deck is the most economical flooring to use with structural concrete. Also, use form deck with lightweight insulating fill for floor or roof applications.