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Compared to the other 1-1/2” deep roof decks, B roof decking produces the most effective combination of strength and price. It has a 36” coverage with an optimal span of 5’ to 12’. So, purchase B deck from Keystar Industries, the B roof decking supplier. For economical steel roof deck, order B roof Decking for low slope roofing.

Purpose for B Roof Decking

This deck serves as the structural substrate of flat and low-slope roofs because of the weight, strength, and economical advantages it offers. Altogether B roof deck provides support for gravity loads between the joists and beams. For convenience and strength, this product is attached to open web steel joists, light gauge framing, or structural steel. B roof decking provides a solid work surface on which to install insulation and weatherproofing roof materials.

Additionally, B deck is ideal for open ceiling designs and for building mezzanines and canopies. The corrugated underside of this wide-rib deck makes for an attractive dimensional finish. Optional acoustic perforations of B roof decking add sound absorption for noise abatement in applications like foyers and auditoriums. Call Keystar, the B roof decking supplier, for pricing and availability.

Finally, the low maintenance and high strength roof deck is designed for pitched and flat construction on virtually all types of nonresidential buildings. Known for its lightweight, strong, economical, and easy to install features, B roof decking excels among steel deck choices.

Purchase B Roof Decking at Keystar

Keystar Industries carries this deck for the construction and commercial roofing industries, along with a variety of deck accessories. This wide-rib roof decking comes in a variety of gauges, and in either galvanized or painted (primed gray) finishes. Keystar, the B roof decking supplier, has a variety of stock lengths and will cut deck to specified lengths. The width of these panels is 36”.

Keystar, the B roof decking Supplier, stocks this wide-rib steel deck in galvanized G90 or prime painted finishes. Call 651.256.0008 or email [email protected] for pricing and availability.

Keystar Industries carries metal deck products in a variety of depths, widths, gauges, and finishes. Deck products include roof deck, composite deck, and form deck. Galvanized or primed finishes provide long-lasting, corrosion resistant decking for roofing and flooring requirements in the construction industry. Additionally, Keystar stocks metal decking that meets required steel deck certification in accordance with the Steel Deck Institute’s (SDI) specification.

Whether the need is immediate for a piece of metal deck to patch a rusted area on a roof, or for a variety of deck types for a new office tower, Keystar can satisfy with immediate service, high quality products, and professionalism. Pick up your product at the warehouse in Eagan, MN, or Keystar will coordinate shipping to your job-site.