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    Roof Deck

    Type A

    Type A (narrow rib) roof deck is 1-1/2″ deep and 36″ wide.  Use Type A roof decking for repairs and patches since more economical types of roof deck (Type B) are now available. Additionally, Type A deck allows the maximum area for adhesive contact.

    A Roof Deck          A Roof Decking

    Type B

    Type B (wide rib) is the most common structural roof deck because of its design. B deck provides the best combination of strength and economy in the 1-1/2” deep roof decking options. Strong, lightweight, and easy to install, use B roof decking mainly in short to medium span conditions ranging from 3 feet to 12 feet.

    B Roof DeckB Roof Decking

    Type F

    F (intermediate rib) roof deck is 1-1/2″ deep and 36″ wide. Ideal for use where insulation requirements are lower. Type F is most typically used for repairs and patches.


    F Roof Deck F Roof Decking


    Type N

    N roof deck provides a long span structural member. At 3” deep and 24″ wide, N roof decking meets specifications for structures where the supporting members need to be placed as far apart as possible. This deep rib deck gives contractors the opportunity to increase the span while decreasing the gauge of the metal.


    N Roof Deck N Roof Decking

    Keystar, the largest roof deck supplier in the upper Midwest, carries a large inventory of metal roof deck. The immediate availability of the roof decking products enables the installers to save time and labor dollars without compromising quality. Manufactured in the USA, Keystar’s roof deck products meet the highest standards for construction steel. Keystar Industries also stocks roof decking accessories.

    Whether the need is immediate for a piece of metal deck to replace rusted deck or patch an area, or many squares for new construction, Keystar can satisfy. We provide immediate service, high quality products, and professionalism.

    For same day delivery or pick-up, contact Keystar to purchase metal roof decking for your construction solutions. Call or email for pricing and availability. 651.256.0008 [email protected]