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    Form Deck

    Form decking provides the platform to support concrete slabs during construction. Use stay-in-place form deck to provide an economical support for structural concrete in floor construction. These types of deck floor systems are the most economical floors available. Also, use this deck type with lightweight insulating fill for roof applications.

    0.6” Type-C (9/16″) Form Deck

    0.6” Type-C (9/16") Form Deck 0.6” Type-C (9/16") Form Decking

    1.0” Type-C (15/16″) Form Deck

    1.0” Type-C (15/16") Form Deck 1.0” Type-C (15/16") Form Decking

    1.5″  Type-C (1-1/2″) Form Deck also available

    Floor Deck Application

    Use floor deck in steel floor construction as an economical form to support concrete slabs during construction. Additionally, form decking may eliminate the need for expensive temporary shoring, making form deck some of the most economical, easy to install metal floor systems available for construction.

    Two types of Floor Deck

    Besides carrying a wide variety of Form Deck, Keystar, the leading form deck wholesaler in the Midwest, also stocks composite deck. See Keystar’s offerings of Composite Deck for metal floor deck with rolled-in mechanical embossments–or bumps–in the webs that bond with structural concrete as it cures.

    Keystar Industries stocks a variety of composite decking products for the construction industry. The profile of the composite deck provides the flexibility of attaching them with side-lap screws or button punch. Keystar has a variety of stock lengths of composite deck and will cut deck to specified lengths. Composite deck comes with a galvanized (G90) finish and a variety of gauges.

    Form Decking at Keystar

    Keystar form decking provides strong, lightweight, and economical solutions for steel floor concrete pours. The standard overlapping edges make installs easy.

    Contact Keystar for pricing and availability.

    Keystar Industries: the Form Deck Distributor

    Purchase 0.6”, 1.0”, and 1-1/2” Floor Deck at Keystar, your leading form deck distributor where it is in stock and ready for pick up or shipping. Additionally, Keystar will cut the deck to specifications. Contact Keystar at [email protected] or 651.256.0008.