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    Accessories for metal floor deck

    Cell Closure / Closure Plate / Side Closure / End Closure / Bent Plate

    Cell Closure

    Close off the open ends of metal floor deck and prevent concrete from pouring out the ends.

    90-degree bend in 20 gauge @ 10’. 1”x2.5”; 1.5”x2”; 1.5”x2.5”; 1.5”x3”; 3”x3”Other sizes can be fabricated in 20g or 16g.

    Pour Stop

    Pour Stop

    Create a stopping point the height of the concrete at the end of the metal floor deck.

    90-degree bend 20 gauge @ 10’. 4”x4” with ½” lip. Other sizes can be fabricated in 20g or 16g

    Accessories for metal roof deck

    Acoustic Batting / Insulation Batts / Flute Filler

    Acoustic batts

    1-½″ B-deck acoustic fiberglass insulation / flute filler

    Foam Closure Strips & Plugs

    These lightweight, flexible EPDM pieces will close off the ends of roof deck while mitigating noise. They won’t shrink or absorb moisture.

    b deck

    B-deck underside strips 36”

    n deck

    N-deck underside plugs

    Sump pans

    sump pans

    1-½″ sump pans