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    Installation of C Form Deck

    Install C decking with ease because sides and ends are designed to overlap with a close fit which reduces welding time. Before and during concrete placement, C form deck provides a safe working surface for workers and tradesmen. This deck type in 0.6” (9/16”), 1.0”, and 1.5” decking depths is made from high strength, full hard steel. The metal conforms to Steel Deck Institute specifications. Choose a galvanized finish when used as a structural support for lightweight insulating concrete fill.

    C Form Deck versus Composite Deck

    Conversely, form deck lacks the mechanical embossments in the webs that composite deck has. Therefore, C form deck cannot develop composite action. As a result, other means of reinforcement must be used in the concrete when using C Decking. This deck strictly provides a platform for concrete or fill over open joists, masonry walls, light gauge framing, or structural steel.

    C Form Deck Supplier: Keystar Industries

    Purchase Form Deck at Keystar where it is in stock and ready for pick up or shipping. Keystar will cut the form deck to specifications. Contact Keystar at [email protected] or 651.256.0008.

    Keystar’s C form deck products meet the required steel deck certifications in accordance with the specifications of the Steel Deck Institute.

    Furthermore, Keystar Industries stocks form deck in a variety of lengths, depths, and gauges with a galvanized (G60) finish. Keystar’s steel deck products are an economical and convenient choice for any construction floor or roofing project.

    See Keystar’s offerings of Composite Deck for metal deck with mechanical embossments in the webs that create composite action with structural concrete.