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Cell Closure | End Closures

Use cell closures–also known as closure plates, side closures, end closures, and bent plates—to close off the open ends of the steel floor deck for concrete slabs. Create a stopping point with cell closures to prevent concrete from spilling over the ends of the metal deck, for example. These galvanized accessories make concrete pours quicker and cleaner by containing the concrete during placement.

Cell closures form the edge of the cured concrete. These deck finishing components stop the back flow of concrete passing through the flutes of the composite deck or form deck. Cell closure is made of light gauge metal with a vertical leg matching the deck depth and a minimum 1” horizontal leg. Generally not applied to form decks 1 5/16” or less in depth.

Cell Closures are available for immediate pick up or shipping at Keystar Industries. Additionally, several profiles are available and other sizes can be fabricated.

Other Accessories for Metal Deck

Keystar stocks metal deck accessories. For metal floor deck, Keystar carries cell closures, closure plates, side closures, end closures, bent plates, and pour stops. Keystar stocks roof deck accessories: acoustic batting, insulation batts, flute fillers, foam closure strips, foam closure plugs, and sump pans.

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