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    Keystar Industries Intermediate Rib Decking products provide a convenient choice for any patching or repair project on flat roofs. Intermediate Rib Deck at 1.5” deep, also known as Type F Deck, gives a wide support surface. This feature is ideal for applications where insulation requirements are lower.

    Features of Intermediate Rib Decking: F Deck

    The design and fabrication of Intermediate Rib Deck maximizes steel’s properties in order to create a high strength-to-weight ratio.  Lower materials, handling, and erecting costs result from using F Deck, the Intermediate Rib Decking.

    Keystar Intermediate Rib Decking products meet the required steel deck certifications in accordance with the specifications of the Steel Deck Institute. The material thickness of the intermediate rib decking stocked by Keystar measures 20 gauge. Additionally, this structural metal Type F roof deck measures 36” wide and can transfer horizontal and vertical loads into the building frame.

    This roof deck comes with a primed or galvanized finish. The most economical finish for type Intermediate Rib Decking is prime painted gray over bare steel. Typically, this finish provides adequate temporary protection to the base metal of the metal decking during construction.

    Comparison of Roof Deck Types

    At present, Intermediate Rib Decking is rarely used for new construction projects but is often needed for repair and re-roof projects. Compared to Wide rib deck, Intermediate Rib Deck has a lower strength-to-weight ratio. Since F Deck cannot carry as much load at longer spans as Wide Rib roof deck (B Deck), the steel supports below the metal deck must be spaced closer together. Smaller support spacing results in more supports and higher construction costs.

    In the development of Narrow Rib (A Deck) and Intermediate Rib (F Deck), the engineering community focused on the strength of the metal deck. However, it was only a secondary factor of concern. The primary objective was to maximize the width of the top flange. This factor provided the maximum amount of support for the roofing insulation that would be installed on top. Over time, roofing materials improved and steel deck manufacturers reduced the width of the top flange. This reduction increased the efficiency from Narrow Rib deck to Intermediate Rib Deck, and finally from Intermediate Rib decking to Wide Rib deck.

    Intermediate Rib Decking Supplier: Keystar Industries

     Intermediate Rib Deck comes in stock lengths of 25′-2″ and 20’–2”, plus custom lengths, with a galvanized or primer painted finish.  Contact Keystar to purchase metal decking for your roofing solutions. Call or email for pricing and availability. 651.256.0008 [email protected]