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    N Deck

    N-deck provides a long span structural member. At 3” deep, Type N deck meets specifications for structures where the supporting members need to be placed as far apart as possible. This deep deck gives contractors the opportunity to increase the span while decreasing the gauge of the metal.

    N Deck Benefits & Applications

     Also called 3” deep wide rib metal roof deck, N deck’s design provides an economical roofing support surface when longer spans are required. N Deck independently transfers horizontal and vertical loads into the building frame. Also, N Deck does not work compositely with other building materials. Install the 24” wide and 3” deep N roof deck in auditoriums and buildings with long distance requirements for roofing supports.

    Keystar Supplies N Deck

     Keystar Industries carries N deck products in prime painted or galvanized. A Galvanized finish provides a long-lasting, corrosion resistant decking for roofing requirements in the construction industry. Prime painted is not a finish coat but inhibits rust on deck while in transit. The most economical finish for metal deck is prime painted grey over bare steel. Typically, this finish provides adequate temporary protection to the base metal of the metal decking during construction.

    Additionally, Keystar N roof deck meets required steel deck certification in accordance with the Steel Deck Institute’s (SDI) specification.

    Whether the need is immediate for a piece of N deck to patch a rusted area, or many squares for new construction, Keystar can satisfy. We offer immediate service, high quality products, and professionalism. Pick up your product at the warehouse in Eagan, MN, or Keystar will coordinate shipping to your job site.

    Keystar: The Metal Deck Supplier

    Keystar’s large inventory of metal deck provides customers with a convenient choice for any construction project. These metal deck products enable the installers to save labor dollars without compromising quality. Purchase roof decking, composite decking, and floor decking at Keystar. Additionally, manufactured in the USA, Keystar’s metal deck products meet the highest standards for construction steel.

    Keystar stocks metal deck accessories such as cell closures, closure plates, pour stops, foam flute fillers, foam closures, sump pans, welding washers, and TEK screws.

    For same day delivery or pick-up, contact Keystar to purchase metal roof decking for your construction solutions. Call or email for pricing and availability. 651.256.0008 [email protected]