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Vulcraft Structural Metal Deck

Keystar Industries stocks structural metal deck manufactured by Vulcraft. Use metal deck in commercial construction to provide the strength and lateral stability required for roofs and poured concrete floors. These hot-rolled steel sheets by Vulcraft give the structural support for virtually all types of nonresidential buildings. The lightweight, strong, economical, and easy to install features make metal deck ideal for use in the construction of low-rise, high-rise, and manufacturing sectors of the nonresidential market.

Vulcraft High Quality Steel

The metal deck you purchase from Keystar is made of high-quality steel. Install with confidence when using steel decking manufactured by Vulcraft because it meets the Steel Deck Institute requirements and has Underwriters Laboratory Classified Product listing for compliance with established quality standards.

As a result, Vulcraft metal deck is made from steel conforming to ASTM Designations for painted deck and galvanized deck.

Deck Types: Roof and Floor

Keystar Industries carries a wide variety of deck profiles, gauges, and finishes. Whether you require roof deck or floor deck, Vulcraft manufactures many options and Keystar stocks them.

Roof deck types available immediately are A-deck (narrow rib), B-deck (wide rib), F-deck (intermediate rib), and N-deck (deep rib). Call Keystar for pricing of specific gauges and finishes.

Also, several options of floor deck are available for immediate pick-up or delivery. Common form deck profiles used in poured concrete slabs have smooth ribs: 0.6 C, 1.0 C, and 1.5 C. All have specific benefits and allow for a variety of differences in construction. Similarly, all options offer flexibility in terms of featured gauges and stock lengths, manufactured by Vulcraft.

Another metal floor deck for poured concrete slabs is composite deck. This profile has embossments—or bumps—in the flutes that creates a mechanical composite relationship with the concrete. Keystar stocks 1.5”–, 2”–, and 3”- profiles in various gauges with a galvanized finish.

Availability and Convenience

The timing of receiving the deck at the job site is critical to the success of your construction job. When the metal deck sits at the job site too long, it can be in the way, become damaged, or “walk away.” Keystar stocks metal deck, cuts to specified lengths, and ships the next day. Immediate availability provides you with the assurance that your construction job will continue on schedule.

Similarly, when tearing off a roof for a reroof job and discovering an old deck style that requires replacement, you need an immediate source of metal deck for same-day pick up. Keystar Industries has your deck type available for immediate use.

Just as important, Keystar makes purchasing deck fast and easy with several options for payment so you can get on with the job.

Keystar Industries for Structural Metal Deck

Keystar Industries fulfills your deck needs as the largest structural metal deck supplier in the upper Midwest.

Firstly, Keystar’s metal deck meets all the requirements for the Steel Deck Institute’s high standards with deck manufactured by Vulcraft. You can be assured that this is the highest quality metal deck available.

Secondly, Keystar Industries stocks high quality metal deck in modern and older deck styles available for same day pick up or next day shipping.

Finally, Keystar stores the deck in an environmentally controlled warehouse, ready to cut to the specified length and load onto your truck or ship to your shop or job site. Place your order on the phone or via email. Set up an account, or pay by credit card or check. We make the process fast, friendly, and efficient.

For pricing and availability, call Keystar Industries today at 651-256-0008 or email [email protected].