Which Floor Deck Is Right for You?

Choosing the right type of floor deck for constructing floors is important because it provides the pivotal structural stability needed for pouring decks. Steel form deck serves as a permanent steel base for poured reinforced concrete floor slabs. Installation is fast, easy, and affordable and eliminates the need for temporary wood framing.

Common C deck profiles used in poured slabs are 0.6 C Deck, 1.0 C Deck, and 1.5 C Deck. All have specific benefits and advantages and allow for a variety of differences in construction. All options offer flexibility in terms of featured gauges and stock lengths.

Also, composite deck gives an additional benefit because of its mechanical composite relationship with the concrete. A variety of deck depths along with a variety of gauges give you options for spans and slab depths.

Types of Form Deck: 0.6, 1.0, and 1.5

C Decking provides a secure form for poured concrete. C form deck serves as a permanent steel base for poured, reinforced concrete decking and provides structural stability and features a Galvanized G60 finish. Most importantly, choose the type of C deck and gauge based on span and Total Slab Depth.

For tables on C Decking, such as maximum construction clear spans, reinforced concrete slab allowable loads, allowable uniform load, and which support and sidelap fasteners work best, contact Keystar.

Composite Deck

Composite Deck is used to create a steel/concrete composite floor. Rolled-in mechanical embossments–or bumps–in the vertical ribs form a mechanical bond with the concrete slab to develop a composite floor system. Use this deck type as both a form during construction and as the positive reinforcing of the concrete slab.

Keystar, your leading metal deck supplier, stocks Composite Deck in 1.5”, 2”, and 3” depths in a variety of gauges and stock lengths, or cut to specifications. Galvanized G90.

For tables on composite deck, such as the maximum construction clear spans, different allowable loads, section properties, and allowable uniform load, contact Keystar.

Keystar: Floor Deck Supplier

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