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    0.6 C decking provides the platform that supports concrete slabs for constructing floor systems. Use stay-in-place form deck to provide an economical support for structural concrete in floor construction.  Available in 0.6” deck, 1.0” deck, 1.5” deck depths. Also, use 0.6 C form decking (9/16”) with lightweight insulating fill for floor or roof applications. Use C Form decking for strong, lightweight, and economical steel floor and steel roof applications in construction. The C Deck profiles have standard overlapping sidelap edges.

    C Deck Applications

    The perfect choice for use in steel floor construction as an economical form to support concrete slabs during construction, 0.6 C Decking provides the solutions you need. Additionally, form decking may eliminate the need for expensive temporary shoring, making C-deck some of the most economical, easy to install metal floor systems available for construction.

    Routinely specified for schools, warehouses, and low- and high-rise office buildings, C Deck form decking brings strength and versatility to the construction site. C form deck provides a strong, secure, stay-in-place form for poured concrete applications. Installation is fast since the need for temporary wood forming is eliminated, as well as the costly stripping and clean-up that follows.

    Purchase 0.6”, 1.0”, and 1.5” C deck for floor systems composed of structural normal weight or lightweight concrete slabs. Also choose 0.6 C decking for roof systems composed of lightweight insulating concretes or insulating concrete used in combination with expanded insulating board.

    Installation of 0.6 C Decking

    Installation of 0.6 C decking is simple because sides and ends are designed to overlap with a close fit which reduces welding time. Before and during concrete placement, C form decking provides a safe working surface for workers and tradesmen. C deck in 0.6” (9/16”), 1.0”, and 1.5” decking depths is made from high strength, full hard steel. This metal conforms to Steel Deck Institute specifications. Choose a galvanized finish for C deck when used as a structural support for lightweight insulating concrete fill.

    C Deck versus Composite Deck

    Conversely, form deck lacks the mechanical embossments in the webs that composite deck has. Therefore, C deck cannot develop composite action. As a result, use other means of reinforcement in the concrete when using C Deck. Its use is strictly to provide a platform for concrete or fill over open joists, masonry walls, light gauge framing, or structural steel.

    0.6, 1.0, and 1.5″ C Deck Supplier: Keystar Industries

    Keystar offers these C Form decking options in 0.6”, 1.0”, and 1.5” in a variety of gauges. Keystar also stocks metal deck accessories such as cell closures, closure plates, pour stops, foam flute fillers, foam closures, sump pans, welding washers, and TEK screws.

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