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    Composite Floor Deck

    Keystar: the Composite Floor Deck Supplier. Composite Floor Deck provides the metal platform that supports concrete slabs for constructing floor systems. Composite deck creates a mechanical bond with the concrete.

    How Does Composite Floor Deck Work?

    Manufactured with mechanical rolled-in embossments–or bumps–in the webs, composite metal floor decking creates a secure attachment between the metal and the concrete. This composite action allows the metal decking to work as the tensile reinforcement for positive bending in the slab. The reinforcement reduces or eliminates the need for rebar, resulting in lower material and labor costs.

    Unlike form deck, composite floor deck contains the mechanical embossments in the webs to ensure the bonding of the steel and concrete. Therefore, a portion of the slab acts compositely with the decking. As a result, this composite creates a larger and stronger platform than would be provided by the concrete alone. Improved load carry capability results from the use of composite floor decking. Without the need for other means of reinforcement in the concrete, this type of floor deck solves major construction issues.

    As a positive reinforcement for the concrete slabs, composite metal floor decking eliminates the requirement for rebar in most situations. During construction, composite floor deck carries the full load of the concrete. Shoring may be required on extended spans before the concrete cures and reaches maximum strength. After the concrete cures, the steel and concrete performing compositely carries the full load.

    Where can I Purchase Composite Floor Deck?

    Keystar Industries stocks composite floor deck that’s engineered as a ribbed profile deck with special rolled-in embossments designed to interlock with the concrete slab.

    Keystar Industries, a Composite Deck Supplier, stocks a variety of composite metal floor decking products: 1.5”, 2”, 3”. The profile of this unique floor deck provides the flexibility of attaching them with side-lap screws or button punch. Keystar has a variety of stock lengths and will cut deck to specified lengths. Composite deck comes with a galvanized (G90) finish and a variety of gauges.